hookah mistakes to avoidThere are various aspects one needs to consider to get a complete experience of hookah smoking. There are some common mistakes that hookah smokers make that affect their smoking sessions. To make you achieve quality smoke sessions we’ve compiled some mistakes one needs to avoid, there are several hookah mistakes to avoid those are mentioned below :

1. Filling too much water – Filling the bowl with extra water can affect the smoke and it even makes it difficult to physically pull the smoke. It puts unnecessary restrictions on your smoke session. Typically, half an inch of water is recommended for a smooth draw.

2. Overpacking or underpacking the bowl – More tobacco doesn’t mean more flavor. Also, putting less doesn’t help much. In both cases, the tobacco gets affected resulting in an unpleasant flavor. Underpacking often leads to short sessions of smoking. So, this needs to be considered to create ideal smoking conditions.

3. Not appropriate heating – Appropriate heat level is necessary for good sessions. There is quite a limit to which extent you can heat, exceeding it could result in harsh smoke. One should also not place the coals at the center for appropriate hear distribution. While less heating could result in weak clouds and little or no flavor at all. So, heat management is also an important aspect of hookah smoking.

4. Leaking of air – Since, hookah smoking process is entirely an airtight process, leaking of air can entirely disturb your smoking session. There shouldn’t be any air that manages to slip off your hose. An air leak can result in low or no smoke at all. So, it is necessary to check the connection points and the hose for any leak.

Smoking an unclean hookah – What was the last time you clean your hookah?

If you don’t remember, go and clean it with soap, water, and a brush, now. An unclean pipe carries all kinds of trapped flavors and residue which impacts the flavor of your hookah negatively. If you neglect cleaning the hookah it can get corroded. There is some kind of microbes that can form in a moist environment like in a hookah.

6. Not adjusting the foil properly – Aluminium foil is one of the most important and least thought aspects of the hookah setup. Wrinkly foils are common to see and are blunders that hookah

smokers make. A saggy foil could result in harsh smoke and burnt flavor. You have to make sure that the foil is tightly pulled over the bowl. It also creates a strong surface for the coals. It prevents the flavor to get directly burnt by the coal.

7. Not carrying the hookah properly – Carrying the hookah properly is important. People often carry the hookah by its stem. When the connections aren’t strong the glass can fall and break. So, carrying the hookah by the base is important.

These are some mistakes that should be avoided for a rich experience of hookah smoking.